Super happy with the 3 inch buried downspout kits my wife and i installed last week. Stood on my DRY driveway in a downpour watching the water gushing out of the pop up 26 feet away from where the puddles used to be, while across the street the neighbors were flooding as usual. Fantastic quality and easy to install for an old retired couple. Great service, happy to recommend.

Patty Ching Jul 04, 2023

I built a 100' retaining wall and was in need of proper drainage behind the wall. I looked no further than The French Drain Man to source a high quality, high flow, corrugated pipe and materials. Knowing these pipes are made by Baughman Tile gave me peace of mind. You won't find a better quality product anywhere else. The delivery was smooth and fast, and I can now trust my retaining wall will stand for years knowing I'm using the highest quality products. Would definitely recommend products from The French Drain Man and I would definitely purchase from here again in the future.

Brett Hayes Jun 22, 2023

We could not be happier. Our backyard would have large pools of water after every rain. The pools would take up to a week to dissipate. Our soil is clay soil and after every rainfall we would be stressed out. We weren’t able to enjoy our backyard. Until now. Stephen and Mike from this company did an amazing job. They came installed a French drain along the length and width of the yard. They buried all our downspouts. There are a some pop ups at the front of the property where all the water exits. It’s like night and day. Please see the pics for clarity. We are very happy with the results. Pictures 6-10 after 18 hours of hard rain.

WeinerDog Girl Jun 12, 2023

The FDM product speaks for itself and the service was very good. The staff were very knowledgeable, down to earth, and a pleasure to deal with. They managed to get a decent price on shipping two pallets of the High Octane drain tile, fabric, and fittings, even when shipping prices were ridiculous. I always recommend them to my neighbours and friends when we are enjoying our nice dry yard! Thank You Guys, Samuel

Samuel Barthel Apr 19, 2023

I watched the French Drain install videos and ordered the material from their website. It’s all high quality products and pretty easy to install. Our yard is dry!

B H Mar 30, 2023

High quality product - no concerns. Shipping unfortunately was quite expensive

Diederick Jalink Mar 19, 2023

Had to replace a broken underground pvc pipe that was draining eavetrough water (runoff ). I found the French Drain Man Canada (FDMC) staff and website very helpful. It was easy ordering, communicating regarding shipping of the piping, parts and adaptors.The French drain emitter works exactly how they explain. No longer have an ugly open hole in lawn where the old pvc pipe emptied. Will definitely look at using FDM in the future for drainage solutions.

John Fitzgerald Mar 15, 2023

Amazing company! The owner was extremely helpful in answering all my questions. Would recommend!

Windsor Landscaping Mar 15, 2023

Great group of people to deal with very helpful and they don't try to sell you anything you don't need and the quality is excellent. I can recommend them without reservation.

Stirling Sohm Mar 11, 2023

Great products for a real efficient drain system.

Marc-André Lazure Mar 09, 2023